Return to Glory

Once upon a time, a developer looked at his property and decided it needed a pond. It was a nice, medium-sized pond designed to be pleasing to the residents, and it was. One day the developer took a long look at his pond and decided it looked a little too bare, so he added just a few cattails to spruce it up a bit. In a very short time, the cattails took over the pond. They grew so thick that it was nearly impossible to see the water, and the pleasing pond turned into an overgrown eyesore. The developer was great at developing properties, but he didn’t know much about ponds or how to clean them. Luckily, he was able to hire some pond-cleaning experts, and they helped the developer reclaim his beloved pond and return it to its former glory.

The Lake Weed Shear Offers a New and Improved Pond and Lake Weed Cutting Technique Providing a Responsible Alternative to Aquatic Herbicides

Through the years, traditional lake and pond weed control has been accomplished through the use of aquatic herbicides, however, highly productive tools such as the redesigned Lake Weed Shear can now eliminate the need for these potentially dangerous herbicides in managed waters. The Lake and Pond Weed Shear can cut weeds such as milfoil, hydrilla, coon tail, curly leaf pond weed, hyacinth, lily pads and cattails with ease.

There has always been a debate about how to manage the aquatic weeds in a lake or pond: applying chemical herbicides or harvesting. Chemical applications of Hydrothol or Aquathol are oftentimes frowned upon due to the unknown long term effects. Harvesting, when accomplished through cutting or tearing out weeds, can cause stray plant fragments that replant themselves elsewhere in the body of water.

From a purely environmental point of view it would be more beneficial to abstain from any form of lake weed cutting or chemical treatment. On the other hand, waterfront owners will oftentimes take matters into their own hands in order to enjoy their shoreline investment regardless of the environmental impact. That is the conflict that many lake and pond communities, lake associations and homeowner associations constantly face.

If weed abatement is to be conducted in designated areas for recreational or aesthetic reasons, cutting would be considered the lesser of the two evils. Removing the plant close to the bottom would be the preferred method, followed up with thorough raking and skimming of all fragments.

A redesign of a unique tool for aquatic plant management has been introduced for 2007 as “The WeedShear” ( The WeedShear was originally deigned for the benefit of professional water managers but has been made available for individual lakeshore and pond owners and is now distributed through qualified marine and aquatic dealers.

The WeedShear’s unique 48″ wide V shaped cutting blades allow the operator to easily cut a 25′ long, 4′ wide swath with each pass. The WeedShear is light enough to toss from the shore, dock or pier, yet heavy enough to sink to the bottom regardless of the depth. The razor-like blades literally skim the bottom cutting all weeds at the base as the tool is retrieved with the attached 25′ leash.

The WeedShear is distributed by qualified aquatic and marine related retailers and is aggressively seeking additional distributors nationally and internationally. Contact Weeders Digest by visiting for more information about becoming a dealer or distributor.

According to the website, customer satisfaction is guaranteed with the WeedShear: “If the WeedShear is not the best tool you have ever used for cutting lake or pond weeds, return it for a complete refund.” Now that is confidence!

The Lake Life Pump Will Revolutionize Pond Management

Invented by Ray Scott and manufactured by Kasco Marine, this pump will be the heart of your pond. It pumps life giving oxygenated water from the surface of the pond downward mixing it with water that would otherwise become or remain stagnant. The results are healthier and bigger fish. It gives your fish a better living room and more space to thrive.

A lot of your heart and soul, and frankly a lot of your pocketbooks, have been put into your pond. Why not protect your investment by putting in our Lake Life Pump as a life and health insurance policy which will result in bigger and better fish? 35 years of research by Ray Scott should prove to be a tool that you, your fish, and even your lake can not live without.


  • The Lake Life Pump pushes oxygenated water from the surface of the pond downward with a large protected blade spinning at low a rpm.
  • The downward movement of oxygenated water is designed to help mix your pond and prevent thermal and chemical stratification and prevent pond turnover along with turnover related fish kills.
  • 1 hp of energy can effectively circulate up to a 20 acre lake to a depth of at least 12 feet.



  • The motor is an energy efficient wash down style designed for continuous duty
  • Available in 120V (only 11 running amps) or 240V (only 5.5 running amps) options.
  • The only additional items you will need to purchase are six 20-25 pound anchors to keep the unit in place.
  • Control panel with a timer and GFCI is an option. (C-25 for 120V and C-85 for 240)
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Float and draft tube housing made of rugged black UV resistant polyethylene.

Don’t risk another turnover related fish kill. Install a Lake Life Pump in your pond or lake and rest easy knowing your fish and investment are safe. Call, email, fax, or write us for a local distributor in your area today!


“If a turnover can happen to me, it can happen to you. Install a Lake Life Pump today have healthier fish like these!” – Ray Scott, Inventor of the Lake Life Pump